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Girls & Boys Volleyball Club Coaches Wanted

Coaching is an excellent opportunity to give back to the next generation of up and coming volleyball players.

You are in charge of the team. You are in charge of writing and executing the practice plans. You are responsible for creating a fun learning environment. Head Coaches must learn to cultivate an atmosphere where conscious effort is more important than natural ability. You must have prior coaching experience or extensive playing experience. 
For Pay Information, please see Full Coaching Link

You are there to help the head coach and the players. Your main responsibility is to assist in running drills, provide feedback to players, taking stats or handling video at tournaments and learn from the head coach. No prior coaching experience is necessary. Playing experience is not required, but is a huge plus. So far all of our coaches have prior playing experience whether it be professional, collegiate, HS, club, or recreational.
For Pay Information, please see Full Coaching Link

This year we are trying to take 1 volunteer coach per team. A volunteer coach is not paid, but we do give you some coaching gear and reimburse you for all membership/background checks/tournament parking fees. This is a great way to get into coaching without making a full time commitment. You come when you can. You are expected to attend at least 25% of practices and tournaments as a volunteer coach. No experience required, you are here to help and learn. 

Slam Volleyball Club Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy is divided into three segments; commitment, confidence, and composure. Part one is commitment, there are plenty of talented teams that do not win championships; this is often due to athletes and staff sharing a common goal. Athletes must buy in to the culture of a program created by the coaching staff.

Traditionally, the teams that thrive operate as a unit, or in the case of our practice, a family. A strong support system from staff to student is the precursor to the success of a program. The programs level of commitment to the ideology of family leads to equal achievement in their performance.

The characteristic of confidence is something to be valued, enforced and monitored as athletes grow within a system and a successful program. To be confident in themselves; appreciating their abilities, the work it took to develop those skills and the knowledge of how to use them. Enforcing confidence in your teammates, continuing to develop the support system, trust and credibility it takes to have a champion’s mentality and understanding what it takes and how to get through those on the floor next to you as well as those guiding and pushing from the side. Confidence can breed success or create a window for failure; we monitor our level by appreciating what a team does for one another, knowing a team is a unit and cannot succeed without all its pieces. The concept of composure is the unifying piece that separates a good team from a great team. This stems from the leadership, coaching staff to captains to players on and off the court. Preaching composure is not enough, one must demonstrate the value and how it can promote growth and stability. Understanding how to maintain this ability supports the other values. A composed program is viewed as a confident program and confidence supports commitment. When all three are together teams can overcome adversity, see past an obstacle, find solutions and succeed.

Coaching Style

Analytical Supportive Prepared
Statistics strongly dictate what we focus on in practice Feedback is constructive, and based on the confidence level of each athlete Having backup plans and match strategies
Most goals for each position are based on statistics Focus on improving for the “next play” Outlines in numerous offensive and defensive systems
Review scouting reports to discuss game strategy Strive to provide equal opportunity and attention to all athletes Recruit versatile athletes and train them in two positions
Utilize game film to discuss areas of improvements and strategy Detailed practice plans, scouting reports, lineups

From the Program Director

I have found in my years as not only a coach, but as an athlete, that the presence of the commitment, confidence, and composure leads to rapid success. Athletes are more responsive, respectful and are able to appreciate and understand what it means to work for success and how a “family” can overcome challenges.